Orders & delivery

I want to purchase a product, what do I do?

It's easy - simply click the product you want to buy and press the "Add to cart" button. When product is placed in your cart, you will see the cart in the upper right hand corner.

From here you can proceed to checkout where you input your personal information, address etc. and also select your payment method. When completed and you submit your order, you will receive a confirmation in your mailbox.

If I order now, when will I receive my new products?

Short answer is Fast!.

We have teamed up with TNT and other couriers and they always strive hard to deliver your order as fast as possible.

For more information about delivery, please see our Order & delivery page.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide - if you live outside Europe shipping varies depending on where you live. Go to our Orders & delivery page to get more information.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards from Mastercard, VISA, American Express - also we accept PayPal, GiroPay, SOFORT, SEPA and regular bank transfer.

What does shipping cost?

We have a flat rate and will ship to you for €35 within Europe - if your purchase total is over €99 we ship for free free!

We are advocates for price transparency and we know how annoying it is to put a product in the shopping basket only to see total price growing when on the checkout page. Therefore we offer 100% free delivery in Europe on orders above €99.

For more information about delivery also outside of Europe, please see our Order & delivery page.

Customer Service

How long is the warranty?

Warranty on all products are 12 months. You do however have a 24 month "right of complaint" period, where you can complain over a defect also.

I need to contact you - where do I do that?

You are always welcome to contact us. you can send us an e-mail at [email protected] and we will respond as quickly as possible.

For other channels, please see our contact page

How fast do you respond to an e-mail?

We encourage you to contact us through e-mail as we confirm your enquiry right away so you can be safe that your enquiry has been well received.

We strive to answer you as quickly as possible and usually you can expect to receive an answer within 24 hours, and often a lot faster.

Send us an e-mail at [email protected].

Are you on any social media platforms?

Yes - we are currently on Facebook and LinkedIn. Feel free to also contact us through there also.


Can I exchange my purchased product for another?

Yes - of course you can. The easiest way to do this is to return your product and make a new purchase.

We will make sure to refund you the full amount for the returned product as soon as we receive it back.

For how long can I return my purchased product?

Return your purchased products in suitable condition within 30 days for a full refund.

My product is faulty - what do I do?

Please send us an e-mail at [email protected] explaining the error. If visual please provide an image as well.

We will make sure to assist you and exchange the product if qualified.

What is the return address?

All returns and exchanges must be sent to:Tooleto C/O Maxine ApS

H.J. Poulsens Allé 1

DK-5250 Odense C


Will you pay for the return shipping?

You have to pay for the return shipping. If you wish to exchange your purchased product with a different model, we will ship the exchanged model and hold those expenses if you live within Europe.