About us

About Us

Here at Tooleto, we are the leading retailer of tools for both the professional and the amateur, and all of our workers are genuinely passionate about tools.

With many years of outstanding knowledge and expertise in the tool industry, we can confidently assure you that with our specialist knowledge, experience, and passion provide you with the right tool at the right time.

Based in Denmark, we know the whole area well enough to confidently say what we know you prefer when it comes to DIY and renovation building works. Since we were established we have been helping you create better homes and worksites by providing you with the tools and equipment you need.

We help achieve this for you by using only high-quality end products that we believe in, and we work tirelessly to ensure we keep up with the latest brands and new products on the market.

At Tooleto, we help our customers achieve all your building and maintenance work by supplying the tools needed for your job – whatever the size, large or small, complicated or easy, we can come up with the tool solution.

That’s why our Tooleto team is hand-picked for their passion, are incredibly well-trained, and skilled and genuinely believe in our Tooleto’s company’s belief that you, our customers are part of our family.

We believe in providing the only best…

We have always been diligent about where we source all our products, as we want to offer the highest quality products and tools to you at budget prices. Our reliable suppliers provide us with exceptional merchandise that we stock with utmost care. Every time we receive an order online, we recheck our products before delivery to ensure that you will only get a product in top condition.

Hard work, dedication, and high-quality products have brought us a long way. We have now become a well-known name in the tool supplying marketplace.

Our services are convenient, straightforward, and affordably-priced, helping its trade and domestic customers get the job done quickly, affordably, and right, first time.

From workwear and hammers to cables and pipe fittings, we offer thousands of products that are available and are delivered straight to your door from your internet order.

Our full range of all-things-tool products can be ordered online, and we guarantee extremely fast handling, packaging and shipping so all your requests are delivered in top condition as soon as possible.

We take you, our customers very seriously – if there is a particular tool or piece of equipment you can’t see online, then if you let us know, we will find or produce and deliver it to you.

We know happy customers means that we can carry on providing tools for every conceivable project, for longer – and we just love tools!

With our varied and flexible high-quality tool services, we have made it our mission to bring only excellence to all that we do, for all of our customers, in all the countries that we deliver to - almost everywhere in the world!

We are enthusiastic about our tool services and want to help and share our knowledge and expertise– so, we've made it personal.