BATO Toolbag "Backpack" with plastic bottom. Textile.
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On the outside on the left side, this backpack has a metal hanger for suspension, underneath a side pocket that can be closed with velcro, good size for the mobile etc. The backpacks carrying straps are padded so the weight of the tool does not cut into the shoulders, and the bag is also done with thick pillows that provide comfort for the user. Wide strap with buckle ensures that the bag is not pulled backwards. The front of the backpack is fastened a number of rings vertically, so here is a good opportunity to tie something firmly. The front room saves on smart keyhanger with clips, smaller zipper and two open spaces. The large compartment in the bag is fitted with a powerful zipper that can be lighted all the way down to the bottom and fully opened, giving this type of toolbag space and clarity. Inside the bag is provided with several large and small spaces (see picture) elastic bands for tool holdings. Convenient plastic base makes this backpack suitable for all professional groups. Outside dimensions: Height 46cm. Width 36.5cm. Depth 17.5cm.
BATO Tool bag "Large" with plastic bottom. Textile.
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Large toolbag with plastic base made of heavyweight polyester. This type of toolbag is extremely spacious. Inside with 1 large compartment, 6 smaller storage pockets and 2 x 4 straps for tool attachment at each end of the bag. The toolbag is also provided with pockets all around With this bag, you can organize the tool so that you no longer have to spend time looking for each tool. Clear and practical. External dimensions: Length 53,5 cm, Height with handle 31,5 cm, Width 27 cm.
BATO Toolcase "Small". Textile.
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Practical sturdy tool bag in heavy polyester, reinforced stitches around the edges and on all pockets. Inside, the bag is divided into two large rooms, where there is in each room additional dividing space for various tools. Outside, there is also a good possibility of storing the tool with four smaller front pockets, two spacious pockets at each end with a practical metal hanger on the right side of the bag. The back piece is equipped with two smaller and one large space. Fixed hanger with foam handle and detachable support frame gives the user the best prerequisites for transporting the tool. Outside dimensions: Height with handle 26cm. Length 40cm. Width 22.5cm
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BATO Toolbag "Extra small" round. Textile.
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Small and spacious cylinder-shaped toolbag made of heavy polyester. The bag is fitted with a drawstring in the opening and can be closed completely. Measure height 21.5cm. Ø 14.5cm.