BATO Metal shears with spring.
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250mm. Straight-yellow. Cut in steel 1,2mm, stanless steel 0,7mm. Cut in KEVLAR. With spring disaggregation. Soft-grip.
BATO Stripper 0,2-6,0mm²
In stock - Delivery 1-3 business days
Self adjustable stripping blades. Automativally select proper position. Stips 10-24 AWG. 0,2-6,0mm². Cuts up to 14 AWG. 2,0mm²
BATO Stripper/crimper combi 0,05-8,0mm²
Adjustable stop controls the lenght of wire. Strips and cuts 8-30 AWG. 0,05-8mm². Crimp insulated terminals 10-22 AWG 1,5-6,0mm². Crimp auto ignitions terminals 10-12+4-6+22-14+0,5-2,5. Non-insulated 10-12+4-6+22-14+0,5-2,5.Crimp auto ignitions terminals 7-8mm